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Applacres. Good to Eat!

We offer daily, fresh squeezed apple & apple-cherry cider, freshly made caramel apples with and without nuts, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, outstandingly high quality preserves & jellies, Hoosier foods such as vidalia onion relish, pickled asparagus-cauliflower-and assorted vegetables, a huge variety of sweet and dill pickles,Amish candy, breads, rolls, and pastries, specialty mixes, high quality coffee beans, old fashioned candy, flowers (bedding plants offered seasonally  during the spring and mums in the fall), and many hand-made jewelry gift items. Of course, we are an apple orchard and carry washed and bagged apples of many varieties throughout the year.  Our apples are harvested from our orchard in the fall and made available in September of each year.


We are very family oriented. We pride ourselves on maintaining a very clean retail market with very courteous personnel. Please visit us today or during your next visit to southern Indiana to find a special gift, sample our apple cider, and look over our wide range of food items at our retail store. We are confident you will like your experience and will want to return on a frequent and seasonal basis to review our fresh fruit and vegetables, Amish and Hoosier foods and specialty items. We carry gift baskets filled with fresh fruit, nuts, candy, and even the most delicious sugar free Amish chocolate, when made available by our Amish supplier during the holidays which can be custom ordered or selected from our store shelves.

We have
Our cherry cider apple shakes are 
a must have item in the Applacres
retail store! Get yours at the back
of the store!


Applacres was started in 1937 by Harley and Irene Clark.  The orchard was started with 15 acres of apple trees and ten acres of peach trees.  The fruit was sold at his roadside stand.


Applacres is currently owned by David Byers.  David grew up in an orchard located in Vincennes, Indiana.  After graduating from Purdue in 1959, David spent time selling orchard chemicals and becoming involved in the apple/pear industry in Washington state. David Byers, his father, Robert Byers, and an aunt learned the orchard we now know as Applacres was for sale.  In April of 1962, the Byers family bought the orchard on contract.   Since then they added several buildings and orchards and the roadside business expanded.  At one time Applacres had about 125 acres of fruit trees but have since scaled back to about 70 acres of trees.

Applacres currently grows Apples, Peaches, Pears, Nectarines, Sweet Cherries, Sour Cherries, and Blackberries.  Applacres has a year 'round retail market with bedding plants available in April and May, then fresh fruit grown from our extensive orchard beginning in June and throughout the summer and fall.  After all the fruits are harvested, Applacres continues to operate through the Christmas season and the winter with apples, freshly squeezed apple cider, and cherry cider.  Applacres carries citrus fruit: navel oranges and grapefruit -- always on hand for the holiday season and the winter months. 

Applacres Retail Store Continues to Provide Freshly Washed and Bagged Apples in Many Varieties ---- All Year Long ----- !!!

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