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The following are frequently asked questions (FAQs) asked by our customers on Google over the past year!

We organized common questions customers have had in the past year for the convenience of our customers.


Are the apples ready yet? 


Apples are harvested each year right after Labor Day. You can purchase apples washed and bagged, or single apples in our retail store all year around! We can ship our apples to you if you live in another state.


Is Applacres a seasonal store?


No, we are open year round. We are closed on all major holidays, and our retail store closings are always listed on Google. Our inventory of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and specialty items changes with the seasons, however! To see how our inventory changes from month to month, please click here.


Do you have persimmon pulp?


Yes, we do! It is frozen and cannot be shipped. We always have persimmon pulp in our freezer. So if your looking for excellent persimmon pulp to make your favorite persimmon pudding or cake, please stop in to our retail store.


Do you have sugar-free preserves and apple butter?


Yes, we do. We have sugar-free varieties of all preserves and apple butter. We can also ship preserves to our customers who live out of state or cannot make it in to the retail store.


What varieties of apple cider do you sell?


Apple cider is available year round in our retail store. We carry pasteurized apple cider and cherry apple cider. Due to Covid-19, we currently are not offering samples of our cider as you come into our retail store.

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